Friday, September 19, 2008

By the Numbers

Not much crochet has been accomplished lately, but there is a project whose completion is becoming absolutely necessary with the turn of the weather: my father's scarf. I've just got to get moving on it! So, yesterday I decided to carry it with me everywhere and see if I could add a bit here and there...

Row 1 - Drive through! The line was long enough that I completed an entire row while waiting for my bagel and tea. Yummmmmmmy.

Row 2, 3, 4 - Slow computer. Working in a school as I do, turning on a computer is an exercise in patience. The network just takes forever to acknowledge and sign. So 2 and a half rows later I was finally able to put in my class attendance. The last half row was finished just as the bell for the students to come to class sounded off.

Rows 5, 6 - Puppy time. All I can say is timing is everything. I arrived at my friends' house just as one of them was taking their 6 month old puppy out to "do his business". This of course meant that I could not go inside because the puppy would try to follow me instead. So, there I stood where he could see me crochet bag in hand. He took so long that I actually finished two rows. Good doggie.

So, it was not much. A little here and a little there, but it is 6 more rows than were complete the day before! I'll call that a success. =-)

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