Saturday, September 20, 2008


I've been on a shawl making kick for a while now. Lacey, thin, thick, big, small, long... love them all. But, the mojo is changing direction. I've been fighting it off since I have projects I need to finish. I have stash yarn I want to use up before buying more. I fear, however, that the time is rapidly approaching when I say "to heck with it" and begin anew.

What's tugging at my brain? Baby blankets!

First there was this beauty for which I actually found some nice naturally colored cotton. This Tiramisu Baby Blanket is a free pattern generously offered by Alicia Paulson.

I just love how sophisticated this natural yarn and brown ribbon look together! I'm not usually one to put ribbons on baby blankets, but for this one I'll make an exception.

I've resisted the Tiramisu for so long that my heart now longs to make this one first:

This one is called Exquisite and comes from the genius that is Terry Kimbrough! I've made one of her blankets before and loved it (as did the mom who received it). The pineapples are such a classic crochet motif and the center, while lacey, is still solid enough to provide warmth. I had to have the pattern for this. So, two false starts with Amazon followed by a winning bid on E-Bay and the pattern is now patiently waiting for some attention.

If the mojo does not fade out after making Exquisite and Tiramisu, I also want to make this one:

I love the edging on this one! So feminine and soft. Another winner from Terry found in this pattern book.

The last one that is calling to me is by Carole Rutter Tippett. The Spiderweb seen here on the cover of Snuggle-Up Baby Afghans.

This is another classic crochet motif/pattern. It has grown on me over time, and now I feel the need to play with it. Besides the look, one of the things I really like about this design is that it can easily be adjusted to make a smaller receiving size blanket.

Here's hoping that by getting these out of my brain and sharing them that I will have enough patience to finish what must be done first! Hope you enjoyed the baby blanket fest. =-)


Elisa said...

I love your taste in projects. Maybe I'll just follow you around and make whatever you make? Especially love the pineapple blanket. Must. Make. One.

Amanda said...

agreed - the pineapple blanket is adorable! and my brother's wife is having a baby... hmmm.....

Unknown said...

That first one is just beautiful! I am going to put that on my list to make next. :) I have one blanket, I need to make first.

The next two are beautiful also. I like the pineapple motif. It is so common in crochet, but I don't think I have seen it on a baby blanket. Can't wait to see that one made up.

Gina House said...

Oh, all of those baby blankets are so beautiful! The detail of the edgings are what makes all the difference, I think.

Sarah said...

i love the pineapple one! just gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Those are all so beautiful! I love the 1st two especially.

a friend to knit with said...

the sweetest blanket ever!
it is just beautiful.

YawnOver said...

Lurve the middle one. Really gorgeous.