Wednesday, August 13, 2008

In the Pink and Silky Goodness

First up the pink. This is my second go round with the "Prayer for Comfort" shawl from Annie's Attic #877531, Quick-to-Stitch Prayer Shawls. The first one was fudged a little as I was using two skeins from my stash and ran out on my way around the final edging. So, I had to give it another go with a bigger hook for better drape and an extra skein just in case. Turns out two skeins was just right this time!
Caron Simply Soft in Soft Pink
Hook US K/6.5mm
Only do 52 pattern rows before starting the border
29 inches x 67 inches

This shawl is quick, easy, and had the added benefit of my not needing to look at my hands. All stitches except those which end the row are worked into the spaces. I love how the top edge can be folded back to make a bit of collar.

Soon, unless there is someone out there in blogland that knows of a person needing a comfort shawl, this pretty will be headed for the Prayer Shawl Ministry at a nearby church. But, please, if you personally know of someone, give me a shout!

Now for the Silky Goodness. Remember that skein of Claudia Hand Painted I drooled over and subsequently purchased when it went on sale? It has been swatched!

Three and a half repeats plus the 4 inch wide border of Celeste! This is one of those times where I didn't dare proceed without a swatch. Why? I mean it is a shawl and I don't usually swatch shawls. Well, I've never worked with 100% silk before and had little idea how it would behave. I was surprised to find that the swatch did not grow vertically at all. Horizontally it didn't grow much either. Just the amount to smooth out flat! I didn't even need to apply pins to get nice points on the edges! I will of course be a little neater with the picots on the final shawl (I must admit to experimenting a bit).

Overall, though I am very excited to have a little peek at the silky goodness to come! I promise a progress picture soon.


Lora said...

The mini shawl swatch was sooooo nice to fondle last night! :)

Gina House said...

I agree...I LOVED the Celeste and it has such a beautiful color and drape, as well as a very pretty stitch pattern. Wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Lovely shawl, the recipient will be thrilled. :-)
That is such a pretty swatch!