Saturday, July 12, 2008

Jingle Bells Jingle Bells

Christmas in July!

The LYS is having a wonderful sale that ends today. Can you believe 30% off all yarn?! What I didn't realize was the sale loft was also included. Yes folks that means 25% off the original price, then another 30% off that!!!

Now, would you believe I just went in to look around? Would you believe I was fully prepared to leave empty handed? Well, I was prepared, but I knew better! Here are the goodies. =-)

From the sale loft came these three skeins of sock yarn that I have been admiring for a while. They are actually a deep green, but nothing I did could make the color come out right. Just trust me when I tell you it is pretty stuff. There is enough here for a good sized project. Don't ask me what. I haven't a clue. I felt very lucky to snag these. There was almost none of this stuff left and the color with the greatest quantity was the one I wanted! (I secretly think it was waiting for me.)

I fell in love with this yarn last time I wandered in, but had no project in mind and didn't think I could wear these muted colors (photo is a bit dark). I looked more closely yesterday and realized there was some purple in there.

See the purple mixed in with the brown and honey tones? Eureka! Purple = good. I headed straight for some sunlight and soon discovered it would work. Yup.
Love, love, love this yarn. So soft to the touch. It is my first ever Claudia Hand Painted and is in the Butter Pecan colorway. Now all I need is a pattern. I am considering Annette Petavy's shawl Celeste Shawl. (Shhhh. I know. I know. I remember Shawl-a-Holics Anonymous. I've admitted there is a problem, but do I have to recover from my addiction?)

How does 100% silk block? If it won't block nicely, then this shawl will not work. Anyone out there know?

So, that's the goodies. Saved $33. Totally worth listening to Christmas Carols in July. Off to pet the silk again and try to banish those darn carols from circling in my head...


Anonymous said...

Great score!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful yarn! I love when Christmas comes early. :-)

Gina House said...

Ooohh...what nice yarns!