Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thank You ISE6

First, a thank you to my ISE6 pal who tried very hard to get her scarf across the Canadian/US border to me. Unfortunately, I think Customs took a shine to her work and kept it!

So, ISE6 assigned me an Angel since my package never arrived. All I can say is wow did CathyCate spoil me!! Thank you for your amazing generosity and ability to read my mind. =-)

Take a gander:
Now that I've posted I can open the lip balm and Shea Butter hand balm! I love trying new natural products. These are all local to CathyCate so I never could have gotten them here in New England.

Those skeins of Panda Cotton are currently living on my coffee table where I am hoping they will whisper what they want to be. I'm excited to crochet them as I have been wanting to try working with bamboo. These skeins are 59% bamboo, 25% cotton, and 16% elastic nylon in my favorite colors of blue and purple.

Want a closer look at some of it?

Here's the beautiful sun catcher made of copper wrapped around colored glass spheres. One of my weaknesses is glass. I love how light looks through it!Isn't the soap beautiful? It smells amazing as well!I have to admit when I saw the box with "Designs by Romi" on top my heart about stopped. I've been admiring these shawl pins for well over a year. To buy one has been on my long term wish list and now I have one! The shape of the pin is a wonderful match to the pattern in the shawl.
Oh, you want to see the shawl? Here it is modeled by CathyCate's daughter who is the same height as me (how convenient). I tried to take pictures of myself wearing it, but they didn't come out well. So, I borrowed a few pics with permission...Close up. Can you see the faint green stripes?How about now?
Yes, folks. Not only did she knit a full size Forest Canopy Shawl, she over dyed it to match my color preferences! (You can read the details here.) If you could see the finished shawl live, the green is a very subtle and beautiful accent. Think peacock feathers.
Sigh. I could not be happier.
Thank You!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely shawl and I'm very jealous of your pin!

Gina House said...

Julie took the words right out of my mouth...I LOVE that shawl and that pin.....and the sun catcher is just gorgeous. You got a fantastic swap partner this time around!

Jackie said...

Ooh, pretty!

Lapdog Creations said...

What a gorgeous shawl ... and oooh, the pin is gorgeous! I'm glad you got an awesome angel!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness she's generous! That's a great pkg. you received. :-) That shawl is amazing!

YawnOver said...

I was just ogling your swap booty when I saw your comment come in lol. You really got lucky - what a gorgeous shawl!