Monday, July 07, 2008

A Bunny Tale

As we all know, Ravelry is a dangerous wonderland of inspiration that sucks you in won't let go! It got me this morning with a suggestion. Looking for a beginner project for kids? Why not make Artsy Fartsy Mama's knitted bunny? Knitted? Wait, I crochet! Yup, had to try and create a crocheted version. Not bad...
Lion Brand Pound of Love in White & Turquoise
My fabric was approximately 6.25 inches square

Foundation: ch 31
Row 1: Sc in bump of 2nd chain from hook, sc in each stitch across (3o sc)
Row 2 on: Turn. Ch1, flsc in each stitch across until piece is square
Follow directions on original pattern to sew up.

I'm not quite there with this little guy yet. I think next time I'll use thinner yarn and work out a better way to stitch the back so it will be smooth, but secure.

I didn't make a pom-pom for the tail because I worry about the little pieces of yarn with young children. Tried to make one of loops which is O.K. but not great. If you have a good idea for a kid safe replacement, please leave a comment. =-)

Part of the reason I will be making more? This was the smallest bag of stuffing I could find at my local craft store!

Anyone need a bunny army? LOL


Gina House said...

OH, so cute! I made a knitted baby bunny with some handspun angora and it was so much fun. Tim stole it from me right away, though. Yours is great!

Anonymous said...

At least it will e a very cute mega-bunny army.

Anonymous said...

Awww he is so cute!!
A bunny army would be so cool. :-)

EssenceRose3 said...

Hehe! I just finished making a "hello kitty" doll (crocheted, from a pattern on Ravelry) which, coincidentally, looks very little like hello kitty and more like a rabbit/cat cross (on speed). But I digress... So if you crossed your bunny with a hello kitty doll, you might just get the kittyrabbit-on-speed monster I just finished. :P