Friday, July 11, 2008

Heads Up!

So, I really liked this pattern when I saw it on Kirsten's blog way back in November. If you don't read her blog yet, you should. She has adorable kids and creates wonderful knitted and crocheted items! This hat was very very quick to work up. In fact I made it in less than an hour before going to work yesterday morning! I want to try it in something softer so I can donate them as Chemo Caps. I'll be sure to buy coordinating yarns so I can add the flower to the next one. This yarn was hanging in the stash and I was curious how it would work. (Don't ask me where it came from - I have no recall of buying it or having it handed to me by someone! LOL)

By the way, like the model?

Status report:
The Crocus Bud shawl has now grown beyond this size to nearly three feet in length! A little each day and it will reach 70 inches in no time. =-)
I also fell down and went boom on the shawl thing again...
More on that next time!

ETA: O.K. my cat loving friends...Look familiar? More here. Thanks to Guido for the intro to this on-line comic!


Anonymous said...

Cute hat! Now - where'd you get that head? It's much better than my faceless styrofoam one!

Gina House said...

Hat...really lovely. Mannequin head...really freaky.