Saturday, June 28, 2008


School is over for the year! I am taking a class, however, I get to be the student now. It is a nice change of pace!


1. Shakespearean Seraphina Beginning, 2. Sereknity Wild Side, 3. Olde Peddler Shawl 3 feet, 4. Shawls Awaiting Blocking, 5. Ziggy Scarf #2, 6. Snuggle Precious in Pink, 7. WWKIP Raffle Winnings, 8. Long All Shawl

#1-3 are WIPS that are getting lots of attention

#4 are staring at me waiting their turn to be pinned to the carpet. Since the number of towels/pins and the amount of floor space I can do without is limited, they'll have to take turns.

#5 has been a long haul. I just couldn't seem to keep the tension even the second time around and had to keep frogging. One long sitting later and all that is left is some weaving in.

#6 if you guessed I need to weave in the ends, you are right! Other than that, this snuggle-which-was-almost-a-baby-blanket is ready to go.

#7 not a project you say? Au Contraire! There be planz to try this pattern again as a scarf instead of shawl (thinner yarn) and working each side until I run out of yarn.

#8 my beloved All Shawl which is simply the wrong shape and length for me so will soon be frogged. Sigh. This one may have to go back into the queue for some tweaking at a future date...

There is more to say about some of these, but you'll have to wait until the next post. Have a wonderful weekend!

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