Monday, June 30, 2008


New shawls begin where old ones leave off. I've begun the process of reclaiming the yarn from the All Shawl. I am so glad that the generous Ericka was willing to lend me her niddy noddy. I just could not imagine reclaiming almost 900 yards of yarn without the proper tool! This process is akin to ripping off a band-aid. It will hurt, but if you do it quickly it won't be too bad.

So, ripping away! Having never used a niddy noddy before I have made a pleasant discovery. I knew this tool would make an arduous task go more quickly and easily. I had no idea the process would be down right meditative!

Yes, meditative. Rocking from foot to foot while manipulating the niddy noddy back and forth = blank mind. No thoughts, just action. It is quite restful. Right up until the moment my neck muscles remind me I am holding my arms in the air bearing weight at an angle that they are just not accustomed to. LOL

So, reclamation will occur in small spurts of meditative bliss. I may just have to get me one of these!


ErickaJo said...

Ha! If you like that, you should try spinning!

Gina House said...

I'm very sad to see the old shawl go...especially when it felt SO good on me! But, I know it's theraputic for you and you deserve a GREAT shawl!

Anonymous said...

Too bad you had to frog it, but atleast you're enjoying the process! :-)

♥ KNITTING ART said...

Nice Patterns ! I like adventures in crochet too :o)