Saturday, April 05, 2008


So, what is a crocheter to do when she discovers the hook she was using is no longer with the project? Why check the pattern of course. Only to find that didn't write down the hook size when transfering the pattern to note cards! So, memory it is:

Oops! Now, I am usually more careful than this. I normally would have waited until I got home and pulled out the complete pattern. That would have been smart. (Duh) Why didn't I? I'll blame it on the deadline.

This is for the ISE6 swap and I have been pushing myself to keep going on this wrap/scarf. I didn't want to lose more time. Hah! That didn't work so well as I scrapped the entire thing. Back at square one, I am having a hard time finding another pattern that will work with this yarn. Many, many, many swatches later (that is all I did this AM) I've decided to start over - with the original pattern, but the smaller hook. So something good did come out of my "duh" moment after all.

The second occurance. What does one do when getting a new Nano only to find it is so slippery it is likely to hit the floor with little help? Duh, make use of the left over yarn from the shawl and make this:

It works really well. I considered adding a flap or draw closure to the top. Once I wore it I was glad that I did not. With the open top I can slip a finger in to adjust the volume and quickly slip out the Nano to search for the next podcast or song I want.

Only one problem, I still have more shawl yarn left. What now? LOL

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Gina House said...

Wow! Great new Nano holder! I knit (and felt) one for my iPod Mini and, though I LOVED the way it came out, every time I bent over, it fell out.

I also thought about putting a strap or something over the top of it (like you did), but nothing really worked or looked right.

I've finally come to the conclusion that I have to buy one of those "rubbery" ones that my boys have - they seem to be the only things that help to keep the iPod in your hand, as well as cushion it slightly, if it falls. (and they have some GREAT colors!)