Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fingers Crossed

This past week the incomparable Doris Chan posted a free pattern on her blog (and on Ravelry). By the end of the day on which I noticed it I'd purchased yarn and begun. Now it is blocking on my living room floor where I can admire it!

So, why are my fingers crossed? Well, I'm hoping that blocking will grow it a bit as I ran out of yarn. I actually left off the final round of edging rather than rip back. So, I'm also hoping that without the weight of the final round the edge will hold a pleasing shape.

Only time will tell...

If the edge looks O.K., but it doesn't naturally grow there will be a second blocking. That one will involve pinning to create the length. Or at least that's my thought. What do you think? I'd appreciate your input. =-)

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