Saturday, May 03, 2008

I'm a Big Loser!

So, one of the gals at work had a brilliant idea. Let's play our own version of Biggest Loser at work. Everyone will chip in some money monthly and the top two weight losers will win the pot! I really liked this idea for a number of reasons:
1) The rules stipulated that participants would work on changing their eating habits, i.e. no crash dieting or meal replacements. But, you can do it any way you want.
2) The school nurse was willing to weigh us. I don't have to know how much I really weigh, only what I have lost!
3) A secret motivator who will leave you encouraging notes, quotes, and tips!

I've been struggling with the knowledge that I have to do something about my very bad habits for a while. This was just the thing I needed. And you know what? I've destashed the equivalent of this in body fat:

Six pounds and counting. Even better?

I won first place and $75.00 for the month of April!

The hard part has been gearing up again for May...

Where will the money go? Well, at least some of it will go here where I have been drooling lately thanks to Ericka who drew my name! Thanks again Ericka and WONDERFUL job on the fund raising. Thanks also to those of you who contributed - Tikun Olum!

I'm considering using the left over funds for this or saving it up for something I haven't seen yet (like maybe goodies at the NH Sheep and Wool?)

Onward and upward! Have a nice weekend!


ErickaJo said...

Want to make fat look ugly? Translate it to cones of crochet cotton :D

I'm really glad that you wont that particular prize. I just knew when the random number thingie spit out your number that the prize had gone to someone who was going to enjoy the hell out of it :D and congrats on the 6 pounds!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the weight loss (and the prize)!

Gina House said...

Congratulations!!!!! That is awesome and you look great : )

KnitOwl said...

Wow! Great work!!!
Here's a suggestion for inspiration: Decide to ADD yarn to your stash each month equal to the amount of weight you've taken off. That would surely inspire me!