Saturday, May 17, 2008

Beautiful Bounty

I decided to apply the motto "practice makes perfect" with the neck warmer before committing the lovely alpaca I bought last weekend. The result? I love it and have learned some important things:

1) I crochet tighter than the designer so my warmer is shorter and narrower.
2) Shorter = good! I like the warmth of the yarn up on my neck.
3) Narrower = bad. I want it to be further up on the neck and down on the chest for more warmth. So, I will need to add a few rows before after and between the button holes.


That's it for yarn. So, how about a yarn holder from Baskets of Cambodia? This may be the best project bag ever. Why? Let us count the ways (again).1) It stands up on its own so the yarn can easily pass through the top of the bag as you work.

2) The opening and interior are fully lined with fabric so the yarn will not snag.

3) It is light when empty so you can load it up.

4) The strap is cushioned and long enough to wear off the shoulder or across the body.

5) A lovely ergonomic curve on the back to fit the hip and hold the bag steady against the body.

6) Plenty of room and pockets for notions. No fishing around!

7) You are supporting a company whose practices fair trade to improve people's lives.

Yipee! My patience waiting for these bags to come to be restocked was well worth it.

Lastly, I fell for this candlepot:Since I was already downtown, I decided to visit my favorite gift store. I was immediately taking with this lovely. It hit many of my weaknesses: purple, porcelain, unusual design, reasonably priced, useful... So it naturally had to follow me home!

I hope you are enjoying your weekend, too!


Anonymous said...

Hello there, just blog hopping. That neckwarmer is really cute and I absolutely love that bag. I saved the link to check out the site after looking at your lovely blog. I also agree, that candlepot had to follow you home. I sure wouldn't have been able to resist it's charm. :-)

Joanne said...

Hello Gaye,
I absolutely love your bag. I am thinking of selling them in the shop, everyone has Lantern Moon...I like these, very cool shapes and styles!! So glad you posted!! I'll let you know if I get them in the shop...Joanne

Gina House said...

What a nice bag, Gigi!! Lantern Moon doesn't sell anything that's bad, do they?

And your neckwarmer came out wonderful. Great job!

Karen said...

I always enjoy seeing what others have done with the neckwarmer -- customizing is the way to go -- hence the name "Could It Be Any Easier?".