Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tikun Olum

There is a concept in Judaism known as Tikun Olum. Translated it means to repair or heal the world. In short, leave this a better place than you found it. Don't think you can make a difference? You can. EVERY act counts. It adds up folks!

I wanted to pass along efforts by two friends to make a difference - improve the world. Would you please consider lending a hand?

1) Want to help others and feed your love of fiber? Try: "Can Do". Heather designed this yarn from the colors of the "Can Do" web site. I've seen and handled this yarn in person. It is wonderfully squishy and the pictures just do not do it justice! Ten dollars of each skein goes to the charity.

2) Do you know someone whose life has been touched by MS? I bet you do. The author of this next effort, a good friend and fellow yarnie, faces this challenge. Also, my cousin has been waging his battle against this insidious disease for a good forty years. It is slowly stealing his life, but he fights to live to the fullest. Ericka of Armed with Pointy Sticks (the yarnie) is participating in the MS walk raising money to find a cure and has set a significant goal of $2,500. Read her story here and click to donate if you feel so moved.

One action, one step, one life at a time. Make a difference!


ErickaJo said...

You are fantastic. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

yarnophiliac said...

Thank you sweetie! You are the best!

Gina House said...

Great post! I also would recommend a new book I'm reading called New Day Revolution by the people of CoolPeopleCare. It's a book of small, practical things you can do to help the earth/environment that are cheap and easy...24 hours of ideas. Tikun Olum!