Sunday, May 25, 2008


I've been contemplating this confession for about a week now. Well, I dug out every single UFO I could find. So, as confession is supposed to be good for the soul, here we go!

3 baby sweaters
3 shawls
2 head coverings (1 kippah, 1 hat)
1 snuggle
1 afghan
1 scarf
1 neck warmer/cowl
1 baby blanket (not pictured- it is living in my car)

Holy Crap! How did I ever get to have THIRTEEN unfinished objects?

So, what to do with these? Finish, frog, or back into the basket?
Some were frogged immediately after this shoot:

1) Neck warmer (top of the picture) - I like the idea of this and think it will be beautiful. Having to set it aside at one point, however, has led to its doom. I just never got the excitement back and started to wonder if I would ever wear it. I've got some ideas about designing a cowl style neck warmer and may use the reclaimed yarn for that.

2) Kippah - I have worked in the round a lot to make chemo caps and other hats. Unfortunately, when working with yarn this small and with such a tight gauge the "formula" for a flat disk kind of breaks down. I am going to have to experiment with larger yarn and doing the flat disk by feel instead of formula so I'll know when to increase or work even. I've got three little balls of left over Dream in Color from the Perfect Spring Shawls and think they will be beautiful as kippot when I figure this out!

3) See that bit of baby sweater in the lower corner? Well, it is toast, too. (The multicolor one in the middle is going back in the basket. I love it. It is Lorna's Laces. I will finish it one day, just not today.)

4) This, my fourth Perfect Spring Shawl, has also been frogged, but will be remade after I let the yarn rest. I tried to add yet another motif to the base, and realized with about 14 rows left to go that I would run out of yarn. The good news? I have figured out the largest shawl I can make with one skein of Smooshy!

5&6) The blankie in the car is not frogged yet (gotta go get it), but I've finally admitted the pattern is not for me. So, off it will go!

7) This hat is too cute not to finish. I'll do so if I can figure out the hook size!

8) This baby sweater will get finished also. It seems a shame not to as it only needs an arm and a tie. I totally forgot about this one. Denial I think as it was never going to fit the intended recipient...

9) Now this pair is different. The scarf is actually a WIP and will get attention soon.

10) The afghan was my first big project as a naive beginner. I never would have done this in the suggested yarn if I knew what I know today. I guess I'm kind of sentimental about this strip and may never tear it out... I do, however, have quite a bit of this yarn (a yummy silk blend) that needs a project!

11) As to the snuggle, it is going back into hiding unless someone out there loves to sew squares together. Anyone?

I'll need some help deciding what to do with the last two. But, I'll save asking for another day. This post is already long enough!

So, dear readers, I now challenge you to post your UFOs and WIPs. Are you up for a little confession? If so, leave me a comment so we can mozy on over and take a peek. Hopefully you have fewer than me!


Anonymous said...

If I had that many UFO's, I'd combine them all together in some sort of free form blanket doohickie. :-)

Anonymous said...

But UFO's are useful things: they count as WIP stash. I sometimes find just the person one was meant for all along, and I only have to do half a project's worth of work to get it done, the rest already is.

Gina House said...

I feel a bit too intimidated by my UFOs to post them. At least I think I am. I may go and take a peek and see if anything jumps out at me (literally). If not, then I will share. I think I'm afraid.

But, I loved seeing yours...such a great picture, you know. I think 13 isn't bad at all. Really. : )

Laurin said...

ya know, if you need help frogging ANYTHING, I would be glad to help!


EssenceRose3 said...

Oh, dear! I think (thinking really hard!) that I only have 4 UFO's... I think -- a scarf for my son that has been unfinished for a couple of years, a crocheted bookmark (that will be finished within the next 30 days... honest!), beth's little star afghan, and a dress for my daughter (which, technically is a work in progress... kind of).