Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Pouf Finished Objects!

Lo, I have figured out the source of the crochet ADHD. My projects were too big! How do I know? I completed not one, but two projects on Sunday. I am on a roll.

The first is the "A Rose for Mother" bath pouf pattern I had heard about on Lime and Violet. One of the girls, Caron, is making a bunch of them as gifts. The picture (beautiful) and pattern (interesting) convinced me to give it a go. And, heck, after corralling the stash, I know exactly how much cotton I have that needs to be used!

Here's my first FO in ages. What do you think?

Talk about attention to detail. Look at how beautifully finished the underside of the pouf is. The entire pattern is like that.Another pic of the front in the correct positioning for use. I did try it out in the bath, but found the lather factor was low and it is a bit heavy and rough for my taste... However, all is not lost. I plan to use it as a pot scrubber. It should be perfect and look much nicer than the store bought one!

Then there is this...
It is the Winner Circle hat (purchased pattern). It is sort of a yarn version of a baseball cap that is a bit more feminine. I thought it might make a good Chemo Cap as it has some style and the yarn is softer than the cotton from which the caps are usually made. The pattern was even if the bill is a bit fussy and requires careful attention.

What am I working on now? Another Chemo Cap of course!

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Gina House said...

So cool! I love the pouf! It's too bad that it was a bit rough. I bet it'll be a great pot scrubber. And the hat is cute! Will we see you on Friday???