Sunday, October 28, 2007


Twenty-four hours and the black scarf is now blocking on my kitchen table and ironing board. I don't think I've ever turned out anything but a hat that quickly! I'm a little dazed.

After dipping the scarf in some Soak I got another surprise: the 53 inch scarf (before spirals) became 64 inches. SIXTY-FOUR . I left the scarf a little short to allow for some growth. But, eleven inches? I never imagined that it would grow that much. It's a new record! If only my afghan will follow the scarf's example and grow as generously when I get it done.

Pics tomorrow if I get home early enough to have some light and if the scarf is dry. The JCA yarn will also be part of the photo shoot, promise. I looked up the regular price for one of the yarns and now realize I got it for 75% off. Yipee! =-D

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Laurin said...

you're on fire, girlfriend!!! i need some of that magical growing yarn....