Saturday, October 13, 2007

Problem Solving

I need a new winter coat. In fact, I needed a new winter coat last year. Unfortunately, I was not able to find one I liked. This situation became the perfect excuse to expand my wardrobe of scarves. If I couldn't have a new coat at least I could jazz it up with nice new handmade scarves. Right?!

I love to make scarves. They are relatively quick and easy, use a reasonable amount of yarn, and the possibilities are endless. Living in New England, I'm sure, has something to do with my affection for this garment seeing as it is a necessity if you want to go outside several months out of the year.

So, I set off shopping for a new winter coat with the knowledge that anything I found would match the existing scarves in my wardrobe. Particularly the one I made over the summer (I did say I like to make scarves, right?). Alas, such was not to be the case. I found a coat. It is wonderful. It is one of my favorite colors, blue. However, it has the amazing distinction of MATCHING NOT A SINGLE SCARF I OWN. Stunned? Yup, I am.

On the bright side, the crocheter in my is suddenly atwitter that I have the perfect excuse to make another scarf (or two or three - vareity is the spice of life you know). Not only that, the yarn gods are continuing to aid my stash reduction in preparation for Rhinebeck next weekend. I have a perfect yarn in the stash to match the coat!

Berry Blast by Sereknity

As you can see I started a scarf immediately, but have now decided to frog and try another pattern. Why? Love the pattern, hate the drape. I could adjust the hook size and try again, but it won't be warm enough given it's openness. So I'm going to try this one without the poms. I've added a diamond repeat so that it will be wide enough in the lighter yarn I'm using. I'll give it a go today. Wish me luck! =-D


yarnophiliac said...

ooo -- looks great! I love the way crochet plays with a hand paint. very nice. Glad you found yourself a good coat. It is beginning to feel quite necessary around here.

Lapdog Creations said...

Oh wow, can't believe your FROGed that - it was beautiful! I'm sure the new one will be even betther though! Congrast on the new coat!

Gina House said...

Oh, see, I love the pattern you have already. And the Berry colorway looks fantastic! Do you know that I also went out to get myself a new winter coat and the only thought I had on my mind was that it matched one of the scarves I've knit for myself! (not even caring about if it fit!) We must've been on the same wavelength! LOL! Good luck with finding the coat!

BTW...I found my coat at TJMaxx in a red 100% wool to match my Northern Lights mittens, Wavy scarf and Red Cloche. Pretty cool, huh?

Lapdog Creations said...

Hey, just an FYI your 2nd snuggle is in action at our house!