Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Lolly to the Rescue

I was leaving work today when I realized that my crochet bag was in a coworker's car. A car that was MILES AWAY. All of my hooks. Gone. Inaccessible until tomorrow (or longer if she swaps cars with her husband). My reaction?


This reaction taught me something. I am addicted to crochet. The thought of being unable to crochet when in the mood is shocking. It's never happened in the year since I began!

How does Lolly fit into this? Well, I decided to double check what colors were in store for the first segment of Project Spectrum and saw on the list "blue". Hmmm. One of my favorite colors. In fact, the color of the alpaca shawl I set aside to work on the never ending list of baby blankets. Hey, wait a minute. Where's that project bag? Yipee! In the project bag...is...a...hook. Rescued!
So here I sit and happily crocheting. It's now my goal to finish the shawl before I leave for Key West so I can wear it there. Wish me luck! Oh, and if you haven't signed up for Project Spectrum...there's still time. Do it NOW!


Gina House said...

Yea for found things!!! Love that shawl!

Anonymous said...

PHEW! that would have been truly tragic. Sorry I missed you last night and THANK YOU for all the liners! Could you do me one more favor? I would love a note for each liner to send with them to the soldiers. Think you can e-mail them to me and have the others do the same? THANKS!!!!!