Saturday, January 27, 2007


What was it about last weekend that made so many of us take account of our statshes? There must have been something in the air. Almost every time I mentioned sorting and cataloguing my stash at least one other person said they had just finished doing it to! Weird. What was the result of my stash cataloguing?


I had no idea. None. Nada. That yarn had been running freely around my house residing on practically every table, in many bags, on many shelves. Brought together the quantity was staggering. Seventy-eight distinct yarns... which are now corralled in bins, drawers, and what used to be my four tiered sweater shelf! How did this happen in just a year? What will it be like by next year? (Eek!) I better get busy. Stash busting here I come!

Speaking of which...anyone have a good idea for a mobile project to take on a week's vacation to Key West? I keep trying to decide what will be non-bulky, interesting, and large enough to keep me busy for a while.

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Anonymous said...

Didn't you buy some of the hat patterns at Grand View? I was just looking at the ones I picked up and one hat on the hook wouldn't take up much room and while one hat might not take you much time you can pack more yarn in your suitcase or find some more in the Key West LYS. And it is not so large a project that you can't stand the thought of working on it in the Key West heat.