Saturday, January 06, 2007

A Call to Arms!

O.K. readers. Here's your chance to do something wonderful for a dear friend whose brother, Jason, is deployed to Iraq. (read her post here)

It has gotten so cold that all the men in Jason's team have gotten ill. There are 30 of them and the goal is to make a helmet liner for each and every member of the team to help them stay healthy!Will you join me? Here are the patterns:

crochet pattern
knit pattern or Non-pdf version of knit pattern

If you know me personally, I would be happy to deliver the hats to Yarnophiliac in person.


(Updated 1/7/07)
Progress pic! Doesn't the hat look for all the world like it is smiling? I almost cut out some paper eyes and laid them on the hat. LOL Anyway, see the crochet hook laying on the hat? Well, in a wonderful coincidence this is the hook that Yarnophiliac made me as part of the prize for naming her bunny. Although I gave the hook a test run, the very first project it will be complete is the helmet liner for her brother's team. Isn't the universe a wonderful and magical place?


Anonymous said...

I'll be picking up yarn for this project today! I can't wait to get started. Not sure how to get them to you, yet.

Anonymous said...

I am overwhelmed by your post and the progress you have already made on your helmet liner! Wow. The universe really is a wonderful place when we are lucky enough to find good friends like you. (need to go find a tissue now...)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that bunny hook! Lucky for you I have no desire to take up the crochet. Heh. I posted about the liners on my blog & commented on Yarnophiliac so she'd know I'm making one. Are you working this Sunday?

Gigi said...

I'm not working this Sunday, but will be in on Tuesday. If I can, I may join the group on Sunday and see you then...
Thanks again for both volunteering and for putting the appeal on your blog!

Lapdog Creations said...

Wow, I have to catch up to you... haven't even cast my helmet liner on yet! LOVE that you're using the hook she made you too!