Thursday, December 21, 2006

She's Baaaack!

Hey there blog fans. Contrary to popular belief, I did not fall off the edge of the crochet universe. Rather the holidays landed with a thud leaving little time for anything else. So, to catch up a bit, here is my favorite recent project. I have wanted a blue and white "santa" hat for YEARS. Not that I crochet it occurred to me I could MAKE one. The character modeling the hat is my beloved sister who was so thrilled with the idea that she bought the jingle bells and wanted to know right then and there how soon it would be ready! The pattern is a mix of several I found on the internet and my own ingenuity. The blue is Caron Simply soft which turned out to work best for its soft flexibility and sheen. The "fur" is Bernat Softee Baby Sparkle held together with Patons Cha Cha. It makes one fun hat!

I have also been a lucky girl. Gina's wonderful adorable son Ben chose my name from the "hat" in her latest podcast contest. If you haven't heard this podcast yet go check it out!

See that? It is my first ever skein of Socks That Rock! That was my prize! The picture doesn't quite capture the subtlety of color present in this colorway. I have no idea what it will become but this I do know: it will be cuddled and appreciated until it whispers what in my ear what it wants to be. :-D

Lastly, meet Gertrude. Yes, the squirrel has a name. This is the squirrel who has adopted my parents. It runs up to the sliding glass door on a regular basis and stands up on its hind legs with front paws tucked up in a "begging" posture! Right on cue someone in the house will break open a few peanuts and toss them to her. It is wonderful fun to watch Gert munch up close. This picture was taken from the safety of the house just two feet from where she was eating! Just adorable.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the hat! What a great job you did. Congrats on the STR too.

Gert is adorable!

Lapdog Creations said...

LOVE the hat - gorgeous! I attempted a baby's Santa hat this year, but was very disappointed in the yarn I choose that really looked awful when finished (a nasty acrylic from hell)... next year I'll use the good yarn, lol! Gertrude is adorable!