Sunday, December 03, 2006

Of Sticks and String

A string - wool, cotton, soy, silk, acrylic
An instrument - loom, needle, hook
and a Dream

It struck me yesterday that too often we humans don't state the obvious. We keep our wisdom hidden away because, of course, everyone knows that. However, there is an incredible power in stating what we Know. The words bring to light in others, many times, what was known but not fully acknowledged. So it is with sticks and string. Whether your tool be a loom, needle, or hook you are taking something simple, a piece of string, and creating beauty. Creating art. Creating warmth. But, most importantly, you are sharing love. Family, friends, animals, and those who are in need that you have never met, and probably never will, learn of love from the work of your hands. They wrap up in it knowing, someone cares. Yes, creating is about the joy of bringing something new into the world that never existed before. More importantly, it is about spreading love.


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Anonymous said...

Just another thought--in a world where so many are "bored"and "don't have anything to do", crocheting, knitting, weaving and even latchhooking will give us something to do that has a purpose. Not only does it benefit us by keeping us occupied and out of trouble, if we share our end results, whether it be hat, scarf, potholder or blanket, it will benefit others, too.
Have a great day and the next time you are bored, why not pick up a hook or needle and make something beautiful for someone else?