Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kauni Konvert (and spinning)

See? Even though I have been bitten hard by the spinning bug, I still crochet.This is fresh from a soak and ready for blocking. You'll get to see it tomorrow if the rain stops so that I can take some pics. This Kauni is the ET colorway of blacks, greys, and purples. I just love it. When I purchased it two weeks ago it was set aside. Motivation to finish the baby blanket. Is the blankie done? NOPE. What changed? I need to do the border on the blanket and that just didn't fit with my weekend away. However, a full skein of Kauni, I figured, would be enough to keep me busy. Um, well, I finished this item on Sunday evening and had to switch off to spinning (poor me - LOL).

Speaking of spinning... My spindle collection has grown to five. The two newest are perched atop that lovely superwash merino roving. I bought one spindle from Zebisis and received two! WOOT! The one on the left is Dichroic/Murano Style Glass (the bonus) and the one on the right is Empire Jasper. I haunted her Etsy shop for a good week before clicking "buy" on that beauty. I have an affection for stone, and just could not resist any longer! The Jasper is now busy spinning up that merino.The glass one was pressed into service almost immediately to ply the two cops of lace weight from my True Creations spindle. Since I don't have a lazy kate and did not have a good experience with plying from center pull balls, I tried this:
The two toilet paper rolls were threaded onto the handle of my broom and resistance was provided by laying it on the slick wooden surface of my coffee table. It worked pretty well! I didn't have to stop and untwist the singles and when pausing just snugged up the singles and set down the spindle. By the next time I do this I'll have put together some type of Kate.

And here's where the spindle went next. This is Colonial top that I got on sale from Yarn to Spin. I was curious to see what the striping of the colors would do when spun, and also hadn't tried this fiber before. Two very good reasons to give it a go! Well, the fact that it is purple, blue and red didn't hurt either. The fiber is actually much darker and quite vibrant. Once I got the hang of the less slippery Colonial, it has been a dream to work.
Any ideas what the finished Colonial would be good for making?


Elisa said...

Wow, those are gorgeous spindles. Thanks (I think) for adding the Etsy link. She has some beautiful items.

Zu said...

I love your spindles!
I've been lurking in her etsy store for the past two weeks trying to make a decision on my 1st spindle. I think I'll go lurk again. ;-)

Gina House said...

Love the shawl! And, man, you are now the Spinning Queen! Gorgeous handspun!