Sunday, April 05, 2009

Falling Behind and Leaping Ahead

I have to play catch up on the baby blanket today as I am now two days behind. At one point I was ahead, but then this happened:

Well, to be honest "happened" isn't the right term. This was quite intentional. I wanted some peaceful sleep. Don't laugh! I have been jonesing to make lace weight yarn, work faster than the Spindolyn, and not be stuck sitting down. I was dreaming about spinning...constantly.

So, I gave in and went shopping yesterday. As luck would have it the little beauty above was just waiting for me. It was the only lightweight spindle in the shop. This bubinga topped lovely was made by True Creations and weighs just 4/10 of an ounce. It took a little practice while standing in the shop to get a feel for making a fine yarn, but it just suddenly clicked. I wound off my sample and plied it back on itself. See?

I knew yarn this fine on a drop spindle was possible; I just didn't think I would be able to make it. Ha! I'm learning not to underestimate what can be done with a bit of reading, the right tools, and a strong desire to reach that goal. (Of course, beautiful fiber doesn't hurt. I may have purchased some of that, too. But that is another post.)

As for sleep? I slept very peacefully last night, thank you! ;-)


Zu said...

Very nice work!
With everyone trying out and learning how to spin, I'm feeling left out. ;-)

Gina House said...

Beautiful, beautiful handspun, Gaye! Please bring it to group so I can fondle it up close!!