Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Color Play

The advantage of purchasing three different colors of merino at once is being able to play around with confidence! I'd wondering what would happen if I just lay two colors on top of each other and let the spindle pull the wool pell mell into the yarn. Then, I read about doing just that in Spinning the Old Way, so of course I had to try it.I used bright blue with purple and this is what I got. It is not quite this muted in real life, and I think I like the effect. I'll have to set and then crochet this sample to see how it plays in the stitches before I decide if I want to make some more.
Of course once I tried that I wanted to see what it would look like if I alternated sections of two colors. This sample is the same blue worked with scarlet as the second color. I like the effect. It is also my first Navajo ply! I had seen this done on a wheel two years ago so just dove in and figured it would turn out alright, and it did. =-)
I'm reserving judgement on the Navajo ply until I see how it looks after its bath. Why? The down side to this technique is that if a section is a bit thicker, it gets MUCH thicker when plied together with itself than the surrounding yarn. Still, I like the color section, so I'm sure I'll be doing more spinning this way.
Anyone wondering about the baby blanket whose center is due to be completed today? *Cough* I'm a bit behind *cough*. I have firmly set aside the spindle for the evening until two repeats are done (more if I can manage it). I'm finding it hard to balance these two hobbies.
I'm sure it will become easier as time goes on... right?


Zu said...

lol You should have waited until you were finished with the blanket before spinning!
I can't really talk, I get caught up like that all the time. ;-)

The yarn looks gorgeous by the way!

Gina House said...

So nice! Those are definitely YOUR colors!