Saturday, February 14, 2009

CONTEST - Feeling the Love

First and foremost to all my wonderful readers


What are your favorite Valentine's Day memories? Share a story and share some love. =-) Leave your story in the comments and I will randomly select one winner of yarny goodness!

My favorite memories of Valentine's Day don't involve traditional sweethearts.

For example, early in my high school years I didn't yet have a steady boyfriend. For me that year Valentine's day was going to be a bust, or so I thought. I came home from school on that afternoon and headed for my bedroom. As I climbed the stairs I realized there was something in the doorway to my room. I couldn't quite see what it was until I reached the landing. There in front of my door was a Cabbage Patch Doll and a card...from my father. He wanted me to know I was loved. I was so surprised and touched. Even now it makes me smile.

Then there was the Valentine's years later when I was working in an office. I returned to my desk to a surprise. Standing in the middle of my desk was a little printed card leaning on a two inch tall stuffed cat with a silver bow around its neck. The card thanked me for being such a good friend. That was about fifteen years ago. Are we still friends? You bet!

So, what moments will you always remember when Valentine's Day rolls around? Do tell!


pigbook1 said...

Those are sweet! I dont' do valentine's day when I am in a relationship, but back in HS when I wasn't I had a great one. I stayed up way too late decorating heart shaped cookies for all of the boys in my computer class (I was the only girl). I wrote each person's name on a cookie and it was a blast :-)

Zu said...

What a sweet story!
I don't always celebrate valentines day. It depends on the guy, as some don't believe in spending tons of money on one hyped up day when they can do sweet little things all throughout the yr. to show their love. ;-)

Anywho, my most memorable valentine was when I was 15 and pregnant with my eldest son.
I had been sick and in the hospital for dehydration. I was depressed because my boyfriend hadn't come to see me, and I just knew I wouldn't get anything for valentines day.
I got home and went to my room to rest, and found a nice surprise on my bed! Roses, a heart shaped balloon and chocolates were sitting on my bed waiting for me. It really lifted my spirits, and made me feel special. He did have to break into the house to deliver them, but I ignored that part. lol ;-)

Elisa said...

Valentine's Day isn't a big holiday for me or hubby. He always remembers, usually with a sentimental card and a box of candy. My favorite memory involves oldest daughter - she just turned 30 (I feel so old!) - who was born at 8 pm on Feb 13. Holding her for the first time, admiring her tiny fingers and toes, made it a very special "V" day.

Gina House said...

I have to say that my story isn't so interesting, but worth sharing.

My dad and I didn't get along well when I was growing up (he wasn't a talker and got upset with my sister and I alot), but what I could always count on was flowers from him.

On my birthday and Valentine's Day, he'd set out a pretty vase with some tulips or carnations just for me. Also he'd add a card....not many words, but each one was worth the world to me.

So, now I always think about the smell of carnations and tulips and have good feelings about my dad during Valentine's Day ; )

I loved reading your story, Gigi!

Unknown said...

I am so late on this, but will answer anyway. :)

My husband took me out on a date, after we were married, for Valentine's Day. He wanted to buy me something and I really didn't want any, but I did find this cute heart shaped recipe card holder. I told him I wanted to have that and he said, "Do you have any money?" LOL The reason he did that was because he didn't have any cash and didn't want to charge $2.00, but it sounded funny.

Now that we have children, I try to have a semi-formal tea on Valentine's Day for the girls. I don't except them to dress up, but one year they all got in their Sunday best just for the tea. It was cute.

Unknown said...

I forgot to say I liked your story. :)

Unknown said...

Hi! I have nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award. Check out my blog for the details.

Else said...

Great memories. The first one brought tears in my eyes. It`s so sweet.

As Valentines Day is not a part of our tradition I`ve no memories to share. Well, i got a card from a co-worker 10 yrs ago, but we`re not in touch any more. We were only co-workers for a couple of months.

Nowadays young people seems to celebrate it more. Our oldest daughter and her hubby give each other small threats.