Wednesday, December 31, 2008


With this being the last day of 2008, I got curious. What has my year of crochet looked like? Between the blog and Ravelry I was able to take an accounting. The total is startling!

31 Infant Caps
12 Shawls
11 Dish cloths/scrubbies
10 Scarves and 6 scarf sections
7 Hats
5 Cat Toys (approximately)
1 Pair of Mitts
1 Very Small Stuffed Animal
1 Baby Blanket
1 Ipod Cozy
Some Snuggles (no idea how many...)

If you don't count the snuggles or scarf sections that is 80 items or 6+ projects on average a month. WOW! I had no idea. Kinda cool to discover I've had a prolific year.

Ericka Jo got me thinking about how I wanted to start the new one. She suggested that we should start a new project at midnight to bring in the new year. I like the idea. With all the snow and ice we've had, I have been wishing I actually made the mittens for which I purchased wool this summer. So, at midnight I will begin. Perhaps having them as WIP instead of just skeins of yarn will get me moving!


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Anonymous said...

Wow, you sure did a lot of crocheting. I haven't kept up with mine. I'll do so this year. :)