Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Play

Did you know crochet is a spectator sport? Apparently my kitty thinks it is! LOL She snuck up very quietly between the sofa and chair to watch...The Country Shawl is growing nicely! Almost at the end of the second skein it is now 18.75 inches deep. =-) A cute alternative to a pom pom. I love pom poms, but I don't like how I can pull out the piles no matter how tightly I tie them. Also, I am terrible at shaping them by hand so chaining is a great alternative!

Hope you had fun with family, friends, fiber, and hook/needles/spinning yesterday! I certainly did.


Anonymous said...

And she didn't swipe at your yarn? My daughter's cats kept trying to figure out how to attack mine without my noticing.

Unknown said...

How did you make that pom-pom? I have to make two for a hat. How did you keep you cat from attacking yarn? LOL Cute picture.

Anonymous said...

Your kitty looks just like our Rico!