Thursday, November 20, 2008

Feeling Country

I don't think I can often claim to be feeling country, but in this case it is true! I've been smitten by the Country Cotton Shawl. Now, truth be told, I've seen this shawl on a number of occasions and simply didn't feel any pull to make one. How did that change? I blame Elisa. She and I have similar taste in many things. Not the least of which is shawls. I'm fortunate that she can see the potential in a project where I sometimes miss it. Such was the case with this shawl.

Instead of cotton, Elisa made this with sock yarn. Trekking sock yarn in shades of red. Then she had the audacity to tell me how wonderful it was! Even sent me a special e-mail singing its praises. Yup, I was sunk, and grateful. See?

I wish the picture was clearer, but there will be better soon. I fell in love with this colorway of Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool on a trip to Vermont. Could not walk away. In real life it cannot decide if it wants to be blue or purpley blue. Just love it. The silky wool has a body that reminds me of cotton a bit and is behaving beautifully with the pattern. Can you tell I like it? Here's another hint. That picture is what I've accomplished since staring this last night! Pardon me, I must get back to crocheting... =-)


Anonymous said...

That was some fast work! I'm sure you'll be finished soon and sharing lovely photos with us. :-)

Elisa said...

Gorgeous! Hmmmmm, I have some Silky Wool . . . .