Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring and Winter

It's looking like spring at last here in New England. Nary a bit of snow in sight. So, now seemed a good time to make the Rose Garden Lattice baby blanket from last month's Crochet! Magazine.I'm just loving the 3D effect of these flower grannies! Even the backs are attractive.

These squares are just the beginning. Now the real work of creating the body of the blankie can commence. I have my fingers crossed that I will like the yarn I picked for the body since it is not an ombre as the pattern calls for. I'll know soon!
Here are the promised pics of the ISE6 Scarf. And guess what? In a fit of crochet I finished it! FO city! It would have been done yesterday if I had been able to find a single one of my darning needles. Had to run out to the craft store this morning to get some.
My pal wanted red, lace, and soft. I think this will do the trick!


Jackie said...

I love those squares!

Gina House said...

Those granny squares look so cute! And I'm so happy that the red yarn worked out. That scarf is feminine and fantastic!

Anonymous said...

your pal's scarf is so pretty!! LOVE the lower squares :)

ISE6 Pal

Joanne said...

Thanks for the visit today. It was so nice to see you. Your red scarf is lovely. ISE Pal will be thrilled with it!