Friday, December 28, 2007

A Nice Break

A little holiday trip to see family a bit farther south provided a nice break from the snow. Nary a snowflake in sight. No piles on the ground. Not even ice. Soooo wonderful. Of course I had to pay for my respite. I drove home to more of the white stuff falling from the sky... Ah well, that is winter in NE for you.

Everyone is well and the women had many a new knitted project to show off! Lovely shawls and scarves that I had missed being made. Let it be cold and thoughts immediately turn to yarn for warmth it seems. Every time I turned around, my mother was sporting another scarf she had made that I had never seen before. I was tempted to sneak into her closet to see just how many of the things she has made!

As for me, I am still working on those rectangles:

The current count is 14 rectangles because after taking this pic I made two more. Most need ends woven in, but that goes quickly. I think I've got a few more in me before I send them off. They are great for parties and travel as they do not require me to look down all the time. I can feel the next space with my fingers and double crochet away!

Hope you are all enjoying your holidays.


Anonymous said...

Look at all your rectangles - way to go! It's a good thing you are doing.

Laurin said...

very cool - are these going to come all together in one project?
what pattern are you using? I need a quickie crochet granny square - never saw rectangles before!!

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Love how the rectangles look! I never thought of using that shape before, and you gave me a great stash-busting idea. Thanks!

Gina House said...

Wow...those purple rectangles are just vibrant!