Saturday, December 22, 2007


As of 1:59pm yesterday, I am officially on Winter Break. Twelve glorious days of freedom. I'm so looking forward to having some time on my hands! What will I do with it?

Reclaim my apartment from the pit into which it has descended. Yes, there is much cleaning in my future. Added to that is a desire to get a handle on the craft supplies. The living room has been tackled but there is still that pesky yarn stash that is taking over my walk in closet and the stacks of card making/rubber stamping supplies hiding behind my bedroom door! I'm thinking some serious podcast listening will be just the thing to keep me motivated.
I'll be donning this duo again tomorrow as I go off to work my part-time retail job. Should be wonderfully hectic. I know you are probably thinking I'm crazy, but I love retail during the holidays. You get to spend all day making people happy. They come in looking for stuff, you help them find it, the stress goes away and they smile. Some are just having such a good time they are a joy to be around from beginning to end. Are there some Crankies? Of course. But they are so few and far between! So, Happy Merry to you all. I hope your shopping is done and you are having fun.

Just saw this...had to share the cleverness!


yarnslinger said...

I'd be happy to take some of that pesky yarn off your hands if that would help you out!
Have fun today - me and Cindi are off to the mall - I love soaking it all in!

Gina House said...

Yea for winter break!!! I MISS YOU!!!! Come to knitting darn it!