Saturday, December 15, 2007


Contrary to the rumors...I am still among the living. Between health issues and weirdness with my internet connection, it has been a while. Yet, I have not been idle!
Going Around
I'm still going round and round. Many kippah designs made and scrapped, a finished baby blanket, and progress on the lace shawl!

My latest addiction? Granny Squares.
Don't all gasp at once. If you have been reading this blog for a while you may remember my aversion to squares. Especially grannies. This has been slowly waining. The death knell occurred with the purchase of the latest Crochet Today. It had an article on basic granny construction. I had a small ball of yarn left over from the baby blanket. I had some gray and purple yarn of the same type staring at me from the stash. Viola, granny squares were born. These will be worked into a snuggle for donation to the local animal shelter. (lower right picture)

The granny again struck when I read this in the Daily Chum. How could I resist? Kids, special needs, and Judaism. I was done for before I got to what they wanted. Squares that are 5x7 inches. Of course grannies would be quick, easy, pretty, and use up some more of that stash yarn. (see center square of mosaic) They specifically want washable acrylic. I went stash diving today and found some more small balls that would be beautiful as little rectangular grannies! So, I'm still going round and round - this time for charity!


Anonymous said...

My goodness, you have been busy! Love, love, love the baby blanket. I have always had a soft spot for Granny squares because when my nana taught me to crochet (37 years ago!), that's what she taught me. It's wonderful that you're crocheting round and round for charity!

yarnslinger said...

You have been a busy girl! I love the baby blanket, and the granny squares bring back fond memories of crocheting with my grandma. Oh, how I wish I still had some of the amazing lace she crocheted...she would look at a PICTURE of the most intricate pattern and just KNOW how to crochet. I always yearned to knit though, and aside from a few granny square afghans in the 70s, thats the extent of my crocheting. Hope we see you soon, I miss you!

YawnOver said...

Cute little grannies! I have sort of a love/hate thing with them too, but with me it's mostly about the color changes and all that weaving in of ends, sigh. I love the way you've done the big/little combo with them.

Jackie said...

Well there you are! We've been missing you. I'm glad to see you've at least been productive.

Gina House said...

Look at all those great pics and crocheted objects! We miss you!!

Anonymous said...

Boy do those pictures bring back memories! I was an avid crocheter back in junior high, before knitting really hit me in high school. I still have a granny square afghan I made in acrylic back in the day--I like that shot with the little blue accents especially.

Gigi said...

It is so funny how granny squares always seem to be attached to
memories of some kind, generally good ones. I'm enjoying being able to watch TV while crocheting, because I can work by feeling those big spaces!