Monday, July 16, 2007

TKGA/CGOA - The Aftermath

Bzzzzz. Huh? Who's at the door. Should I answer it? I rarely answer a buzz at my door unless I know someone is coming over. Why? The kids in the neighborhood and sometimes visitors will hit random buttons. I don't know these people and don't feel comfortable letting them into my building. If the buzzer goes off twice, I walk down and check the door (it is glass so I can see who it is).

So, today when the Bzzzz reverberated through my apartment I hesitated. Then answered the intercom because I remembered I was expecting a package! I ordered a book from the "The Leisure" booth at the TKGA/CGOA conference on Friday. If you used the online option it was a 20% discount and free shipping. Nice, no? So, it is Monday and the post man was buzzing to let me know it arrived! What a nice surprise. This book is so cool. It takes a complete set for baby (two hats, booties, blanket, sleeper, sweater, cardigan, and pants) and presents it in a variety of stitch pattern variations. I'm hoping to learn how to compensate for a different stitch pattern's size/behavior by working some of these!
Let's see...what else? Here are the results of the classes I took! Entrelac in crochet! On the left was the first class of Entrelac in the round. This cute bowl is awaiting felting. This is why it looks somewhat sad now. I, as readers know, have only done one felted project before so am praying that the serious looseness and gaps in this really WILL felt to a nice fabric!
I thought teaching working in the round before teaching entrelac work flat was strange, but I trusted Darla Fanton, the instructor. Boy was working flat much easier to understand after working in the round! Many of the techniques are the same, however, there are many more variations to be the shapes. This square uses full blocks, starting blocks, corner blocks, half blocks, and quarter blocks! This was my sampler in non-feltable yarn. However, I have plans to use the left overs from making the purse pattern I got from the in-the-round class to make these as felted coasters! Can't you imagine how cute these would be?
Crochet Illusions is a crochet version of shadow knitting. The first picture is straight on and the second taken at an angle which makes the heart jump off the background. This technique is fascinating, but I don't think I'll use it. I loke how quickly crochet works up and I found this tried my patience!
Last, but not least. The stash enhancement forced me to gather up and reorganize my yarn. I haven't been working much from the stash lately and it is painfully clear I need to change this habit. So, I started with another snuggle. I figured I have four skeins of bulky that can go to this cause. Two down and two to go!
(Yes, I know it is not particularly attractive, but it is thick and soft!)


NH Knitting Mama said...

It's nice that you learned some new techniques at your class. It was nice to see you!

Lapdog Creations said...

Hey it was great to see you on Saturday!!! :) I can't wait to see how that felts!

NH Knitting Mama said...

Hi, there! To answer you on the lace... One of the patterns is a scarf, but it has a vine pattern on it which will match my dining room.

The book is worth owning - beautiful patterns, but the stories are great.

Gina House said...

That illusion crochet is so great! I love it!

And your bowl is adorable...can't wait to see how it comes out.

Can you bring that pattern book to group? I don't crochet that much, but that book is so intriguing!

Anonymous said...

it's like a color blindness test! I find it rather beautiful (but this is me, of course!)

Hey, are you coming Thursday night?