Friday, July 13, 2007


Stash Enhancement!
These six skeins were in the welcome bag for the CGOA/TKGA Conference in Manchester, NH. Quite a variety of yarns. Then the purple, black, and blue hued skein is from the marketplace. I succumbed after I found this one with a mismarked price. The booth honored the price. I took it as a sign!

I had a class yesterday and spent a few hours at the marketplace today once I realized that I would not likely have enough time on Saturday with the classes I will be taking. I also bought a few skeins of Cascade 220 at 1/2 price for tomorrow's class. It is crocheted Entrelac. The project can be felted or not. Hence, the feltable wool! I've been dying to learn this technique ever since Lora got hooked last November on the knitted version.

This little blanky is a snuggle using the same squares as the lapghan of last post. Look closely and you will see that it has a different type of join. Ever since making the first blanket I have been wondering about different ways to join motifs. And lo the universe provided this book. From it I got a back loop single crochet join which makes these nice lines to define the squares with flat stitches between.

Here is the back of the join. Nice and neat. =-D This one is a keeper. As time allows I will be trying more types of join to see what they look like. The Snuggles Project is going to end up getting quite a stack by the time I am done!

Warm childhood memories...
No, you are not crazy, these cups make me smile. Why? When I was a child we had a set of Japanese tea cups which my father brought back from overseas. We used them for pudding. They were small enough so that a single serving could be poured into each. These cups, which I got for $2 at the consignment shop (SCORE!) are perfect for this same purpose. In one way they are even better. They nest! Imagine a stack of pudding cups with only the top one needing a layer of plastic because the cup above protects the one below! Too perfect. They don't look anything like the cups from my childhood, but the idea and function really do it for me.

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Lapdog Creations said...

What classes are you taking all weekend? Thanks for the tip off as to what's in the Coats & Clark gift bags!!! maybe I'll see you there tomorrow?