Sunday, April 29, 2007

Six Degrees

No I am not referring to the temperature, but to a great idea. I was over reading Meowfish Pie's blog and saw this. It sounded like fun. Here's her description:

I start out on my blog & move the mouse over the blogroll on my page, close my eyes, move the mouse & start clicking. When it gets to a new blog I do the same thing there and so on & so forth. When I get to the sixth blog I leave a comment. Silly I know, but it amuses me. If you come to a blog that does not have a blogroll just go back to the blog before & do it again. Try it & let me know what blog you end up on, who knows, you may even make new friends.

Now, as you can see I do not have a blogroll because I cannot figure out how to make blogger put in a column on the left! However, I do have a master list in my favorites and started there. I didn't keep track of the intermediate steps (although I can tell you I crossed paths with Eunny). Where did I end up?


Of all the places I might have ended up it is at the site of an author whose name is familiar! Small blogosphere. Very small. =-D

If you decide to give this a try drop me a note in the comments so I can come see where YOU ended up.

Happy clicking.

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FaeryCrafty said...

I think that is an excellent idea. I'm going to try that!