Thursday, April 19, 2007


It's a baby sweater for baby number four or six. Yes, the baby count has risen once again! I have to add sleeves yet, however, I think I really like this pattern. I was going to make another one just like it, but decided this morning to do a different one from the same pattern book. (Of course it will be with some alterations...!)

It's a bag o' yarn. Yup. Destashing. I have reached the point where I cannot force myself to handle yarn that is not pleasing to the eye. In this tall kitchen bag is the charity yarn that I was going to use for snuggles and other projects. I've decided I just cannot face the avocado yarn or the Homespun. The first is nowhere in my color schemes and the second just too hard to work with. I love the feel of Homespun, just not its handleability. (Did I just make up a new word?) It is going to others who will make things for charity from it. So, no guilt. It will go for its intended purpose! Thanks Amanda!

As for this, it's the result of "just stopping in" to the LYS without the intent to purchase a thing. Riiiiight. I know, I know, I was delusional! But, it was on sale. It was 50% off. And, I immediately knew what felting project it was destined to become, so no harm on foul right? Who could pass it up? (Clearly not me!) When the yarn gods smile, who am I to say no?

Wanna see a progress pic?

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NH Knitting Mama said...

Thank you so much for the charity yarn. I passed it along to the group this week, and the green will become mittens for kids. They were elated to have it!