Thursday, October 19, 2006


Well the baby afghan that I was so excited about has been put on the back burner. Why? Well, I tried the pattern and it was not coming out right. I am certain it is operator error so have put it aside for a while and will make another go at it some time soon. I am NOT giving up!

Remember that swatch? Well I am now three pattern repeats into the wrap. And happily I am loving it! Thanks to my knitting group's input on the color changes it is now smoothly developing. Thanks folks!

I am impatiently awaiting the arrival of my International Scarf Exchange scarf and to hear from my pal who should receive the one I sent her Friday or Monday. I know my scarf has until November 1 to arrive, however, I am so full of anticipation it is hard to wait!

On the completely unrelated to fiber front. Can you believe Jeffrey was the winner of Project Runway? I was not impressed by his collection because I felt it lacked cohesion. The ladies did a far better job. I console myself knowing that the show has likely launched all four finalists' careers. What's my objection to Jeffrey? In his desire to win he showed that he believes himself better than the others and could lack regard for the feelings of both his fellow designers and his models. Even given the opportunity to apologize he generally would not! In short, he acted like a jerk. I'd like to think it was the pressure of the situation... Despite his professional business, I felt his collection just wasn't as strong as well. Ah, well, reality TV, what are you going to do with such an addiction? Happy stitching!


Carrie said...

Hi Gigi!

Thanks for the note! What kind of cat was Cita? (I take it she is no longer with us...?) We tell Mary she is a Maine Coon, although it is all BS and she is probably just a mutt! (Although there was champion Maine Coon that was a tortie that looks very similar...)

I suppose the leaves are all off the trees now after those 2 days of good rain (at least, it rained here!)

I do like the city a lot. (Although the number of people here sometimes gets to me.) I like the oppotunities to do things and see things, like dancing and museums and music. I mention opera sometimes on my blog, and there is no better place (in the US anyway) to enjoy a wide variety of performances by some really top notch people! But I love the outdoors too, hiking and skiing and the like, so I miss the country sometimes. :)

This was my first ISE and my second swap ever. My first was the Whose Lace is it Anyway swap a few months ago. I will send my package out tomorrow. I can't wait to receive mine!

Cheers. :)

Anonymous said...

Wait no longer, it arrived today and I love it! The colours are perfect. Thanks so much.
I'll blog about it later tonight or in the morning.