Sunday, October 08, 2006


Let's see, what's up?
1) Spent part of last night frogging an experiment I tried a while back. Couldn't bring myself to give up on it right away, however, I now have a use for the yarn so...ribbit. It was a tube shaped scarf that had a slow spiraling cable and was reversible. I decided it was just going to be too heavy when all was said and done. It does merit a revisit in the was beautiful.

2) Where is that yarn going? HERE!

I searched the net and finally found this book used on Amazon. It came all the way from California. What prompted this "gotta have it" behavior? A picture of the completed "Precious in Pink" baby blanket! I saw it on a yahoo talk group and begged for the source. Whalla, the search was on. :-D

3) Now I know. I KNOW. I said I'd never make things out of granny squares. So what am I doing with this? Well, you see when given free yarn to make snuggles in a god awful 70's avocado green, one must do something to make it more attractive.

My thought? Squares with interesting texture. I must admit I've admired this book for a while and until now resisted its charms. If you are into blocks it is very well written with a wonderful square directory in the front and examples of various color combinations. Also, there are suggestions for which squares will work well together. I experimented with some left over yellow and really like the right hand block. The left is likely to be frogged as I ran out of yarn! (Hey Magpi, you were right that the 70's afghans will find a way to appear!)

4) Many of you who voted on the stitch question for my scarf wanted to know what yarn I was using. It is called "127 Print" in color 30 by filatura di crosa and is 100% wool. Lovely stuff and a dream to work with! I just know it will be super warm on those days when New England begins to resemble the Arctic.

5) Two great movies I rented this weekend: V for Vendetta and The Lake House. Loved them both and would recommend renting them.

6) And just for good measure... Harold says hello.


Anonymous said...

Oh no, you're going to be sucked in to making your own afghan! Eek!
(that square on the right is nice looking, though...)

Anonymous said...

I rented the Lake House last week! It is a good flick!

Lapdog Creations said...

Love that you do so many projects for Snuggles!
And hello Harold!

yarnophiliac said...

Harold is gorgeous!