Saturday, October 14, 2006

Joyful Things

Finally! A decent picture of my other kitty Peneenah. She hardly ever stands still long enough. How did I get lucky enough to snap this? Fresh air. Yup! She was busy exploring the outside on my little balcony so couldn't run around.

In other news the International Scarf Exchange Scarf is on its way across the continent and headed for another country. I figured out it was approximately 9,000 stitches and 81 rows from start to finish. Three skeins of yarn, two trips to the LYS, and one to the post office have brought my first ever exchange to a close. Now I'm waiting (semi-patiently) for the scarf that has been made for me to arrive. I'm so EXCITED!

So, what's currently on the hook? This swatch which I think will turn into a rectangular wrap. It is inspired by an afghan pattern from the book Afghans for All Seasons. It will be two shades of blue and I think it will run vertically so that the arches will either face the floor or my shoulders instead of running right to left as the original pattern calls for... much swatching ahead!

And lastly, I love autumn. This is the view Peneenah, Harold, and I were enjoying from the balcony this afternoon.


Carrie said...

Hello Gigi! And also Peneenah and Harold. Where did you get such a cute card for your ISE pal? It is *adorable* and I want one. :)

Where in NE? I am from CT, and live in NYC now. I was home last weekend and only about 10% (maybe?) of the leaves had turned at that point. And almost none here in the city...

Anonymous said...

Peneenah is so pretty.

I can't wait to see the scarf you get in return!

yarnophiliac said...

OMGoodness -- Peneenah could be my BooBoo's sister! The exact same face. wow. Lucky pal -- the scarf was lovely.