Sunday, November 08, 2009

A Thought for the Day

Have you ever been in a joke shop? I have to admit even though I recently entered my fifth decade, I'd never done so. What's the point? It will be stupid. It will be gross. I don't need to go in there! Or so I thought.

There were stupid gags, and gross ones. But, surprisingly there were also some real delights: costumes, silly signs, games, gifts for milestone birthdays, sand art, rain sticks... We had a great time reading to each other and holding up our "finds". Laughing.

Then I saw it. It wasn't very big. Just a wee bumper sticker. It stopped us in our tracks. The message?

Life is Sexually Transmitted

Hmmm, how true!


Maven said...

Hilarious bumper sticker!

Hiya! I stumbled on in here from the CLF group on Ravelry!

Love your creativity! Keep up with the blogging:)

I've given you a "thumbs up" on, so others looking for crochet and inspiration can find, read and enjoy your blog.

Peace and Fleece,

Sandy said...

LOL...that's the best yet. Going through some old blog posts, and old emails this am. Felt like doing some visiting with folks I've lost track of.

Hope you'll swing by for a visit, so we can get re-acquainted.