Sunday, September 13, 2009

Seclusion Success

I spent the weekend secluded in my home so as not to spread my germs. Sometimes, sharing is not a good thing-LOL!

Anyway, since I was stuck in the house with the prospect of boredom, my thoughts turned to UFOs. I was hoping there was something in the pile that could give me that victory rush one gets when finishing a project. Lo, there was one. The Cotton Country Shawl which I started last November was patiently waiting for two measly rows and a border.

Ha! Easy peasy and DONE!

I'm so happy with the result. I wanted to be enveloped. Adding 3.4 extra repeats resulted in a shawl that when lain on my shoulders reaches just past my wrists. Of course the fact that it is made from silky wool rather than cotton adds to that yummy wrapped in comfort feeling. Just what I needed. =-)


Amy said...

Hope ya get to feeling better,the Shawl looks very nice.and will keep ya warm when it gets cooler.Thanks for sharing,Amy

Ambar said...

Lovely shawl. It looks better than the model shown at the Lion Brand site.