Sunday, August 09, 2009

WIPs Running Wild

Have you ever been overrun with WIPs? Ever look around your home and realize that every available surface has some work in progress (or two or three) sitting upon it waiting for your attention? Yeah, me too.

A few weeks ago I decided I had to get the fiber WIPs in hand. Fiber-in-Waiting was stashed. Then, with a new box of zip top freezer bags, I managed to corral all eight or so projects into one Lantern Moon basket:Hooray for containment! Of course I promptly started a new project because my Jenkins Turkish Delight arrived in the mail and I just had to try it out...right? LOL Anyway, last night I came to the conclusion that projects near completion had to be cleared out.

First up to be emptied was the wagon wheel spindle I bought for my students to use. It can be dropped and survive nicely. On it was some red merino which has now been finished, plied, and is soaking as I type. The rest of this merino is going back in the stash for testing future spindles.
I think this yarn will be a light fingering. As I was skeining I realized there was more than enough to make a kippah. I look forward to my first FO with hand spun!

Next up will be more plying. My first attempt at creating a three ply from three singles from the Romney I finished a bit ago. Wish me luck!


Gina House said...

I completely know how you feel, Gigi!! I have this impulse to keep starting new things (darn that Ravelry!) and my finished objects are getting less and less. I love your WIP picture!

Zu said...

Good luck with the plying!!
I wish I could consolidate my WIP's into a basket, but they're all too big. ;-)