Thursday, August 13, 2009

Seeing Stars

There I was innocently surfing around Ravelry: reading forum posts, answering messages, catching up on my friends' projects when I was stopped dead in my tracks by this:
It is pretty and lacy, but that is not what made me gasp. I was done in by the fact that each motif looks like a Star of David! It is very very difficult to find motifs of this shape that look really good. Yet, here there is an entire wrap's worth? Woo Hoo!

Then, I had a vision. Myself wearing this wrap during High Holiday services with the family. Snugly wrapped in a soft layer of alpaca to combat the always chilly air conditioning. What color would it be? Well, blue of course. I have the perfect yarn sitting in my stash.!

I thought maybe for next year. Not this year. The High Holidays are only a few weeks away. That plan is changing thanks to my sister the knitter with whom I shared the pattern link. Her reply?

WOW!!! Teach me, teach me, teach me, (jumps up and down)

She is so excited that she is planning to accost a friend to teach her to crochet the wrap since I am too far away. I cannot let the knitter wear this wrap before I do! No fair! So, this morning I am attempting to finish up the blanket I'm making for Sophie's Cozies so I can begin the shawl with a clear conscience.

Wish me luck! =-)


Enid said...

Hi Gigi, that pink shawl looks gorgeous, but blue be even better. Please post a photo when yours is completed. Are the stars done individually then joined?

Pegi Frostholm said...

Oooo, can't wait to see the finished product! Bet you can get yours done before Sistah Knittah finishes hers!

Zu said...

Good luck! That is a truly gorgeous shawl. It'll look great in blue. :-)