Thursday, August 23, 2007

Secret Project

This post is a bit late, but here's the saga! =-D This project was long in the planning. In fact it began around February when I lucked into Jan Eaton's A Creative Guide to Crochet on my first visit to the wonderful The Yarn and Fiber Company. I just loved the projects and thought, that since Ericka has an affection for crocheted lace, I'd absolultely have to give it a go. She was getting married soon. The question was, what yarn and which project?

Not long afterwards, Gina started a secret project for Ericka, a beautiful shawl (scroll down on Gina's blog and you will see its red loveliness). That was the key. I'd make a purse to match! If you look at the shawl, you'll notice they do not match. Why? Well the shawl yarn was too heavy looking. I accosted Heather in hopes that she could dye some yarn to match the shawl, but it was not meant to be.

That was when I remembered. I'd seen some Pima Cotton by Tree Frog when our group visited the Yarn Sellar back in March. I'd grabbed a skein with the idea that it would be a good back up. Yipee! Problem solved. It was a neutral natural white and should work with the dress. So, I started to crochet. Life was really good until I realized, one skein would not be enough. Sigh.

A call to Maine and, lucky me, the Yarn Sellar still had the same dye lot on the shelf! Enter the intrepid hero, Melissa, who stopped in and grabbed the yarn for me on her way back from visiting a friend. By this time it was July and I was running out of time! Some quick stitching, miles of braiding (from which I earned myself a blister - love ya Ericka), some weaving, and some knots then it was done in time for the wedding shower! (Of course I forgot to take pictures, so the one above was lifted from Ericka's blog.)

Much love and joy to you Ericka and Chris. Looking forward to the impending wedding!


yarnophiliac said...

I'm sooo bummed I couldn't meet your needs for the red, but I think the ivory came out so beautiful and classy. Bravo on a wonderful job. I know how much Ericka loves it!

Lapdog Creations said...

Gorgeous bag!!!!!!!!!

Gina House said...

Oh, the bag is so beautiful. Such a perfect bag for Ericka's wedding day. You truly always find the most perfect patterns for the perfect occasion!