Friday, May 11, 2007

And the winner is...


Joanne, please use the e-mail I have added to my profile and get in touch so that I can send you some yarny goodness.

You, my readers, amaze me. Never in a million years would I have known that this was a picture of a tree frog in a toilet bowl. Yet, many many of you knew! The story?

My sister and brother-in-law were traveling around Australia for the last three months. They say that even in the most remote areas where there seems to be no civilization there will be a bathroom. It was in one of these that my sister caught a glimpse of this guy. She couldn't quite get a picture so, of course, she flushed the (clean) toilet. He slid out from under the rim a mere inch - those toes have some mightily powerful suction cups! And voila, the "Whatsit" picture was born. After this first sighting there were many more. It appears to be a common problem in that area of Australia that the tree frogs take up residence in the toilets!

So that's the story. Next up is this:

In crochet news...I've been feeling square. Why? Well, World Wide Knit in Public Day is coming soon and my knitting group has decided to not only to host, but also to contribute to the local Veteran's Home. Since I don't make socks, I thought I'd create a lapghan. Especially since I am seriously in need of some mindless crochet! Here's the progress so far (Yarn is Lion Brand Pound of Love - seemed appropriate):

I'm thinking I'll end up with two lapghans. One in white and one in the turquoise. Why? Well the turquoise is just enough thicker than the white to be too big for the finished piece to lay flat. It will take about 3o of these for the ghan and is making a great traveling project.

No, I am not carrying around that big one pound skein! I weighed the first two squares then pulled out the ball winder and went to town. I now have a bunch of little 22g skeins, waiting to be reborn as squares, piled up in my living room. Pop a few in my purse with the hook and I am good to go! Oops, speaking of that, I've got to get ready for work. Happy Stitching All!


Gina House said... it WAS a frog! Weird!

Your squares are coming out fantastic! I do love the turquoise color.

Yay for GiGi!

metal and knit said...

Ohhh the Big Merino in Yass. He is about to be relocated closer to the main traffic as hes off the track a bit. Hes about a 2 hour drive from my place.

NH Knitting Mama said...

Neat "What is it" contest! FUN!

Great idea to break up the yarn into "square amount" balls.

metal and knit said...,22049,21631731-5006505,00.html

Chop the legs off and you relocate Rambo to meet the public again