Saturday, March 24, 2007


Is there any rule that says "sock yarn" needs to be used for socks?

Exhibit A
The incredibly beautiful Sock Options yarn hand dyed by Heather of Sereknity and Serenkity Boutique. Just gorgeous. This stitch pattern came from one of those swatches that I was making at random. The moment I saw it worked up I knew it was the pattern I'd been waiting for to compliment this yarn. I'm going to miss this project when it is done...

Oh, and that thing under the yarn? A digital kitchen scale. It has already come in handy to tell me I have enough Sock Options to knit a scarf of 72 inches in length. A little weighing and a little math...wallah!

I decided I needed to invest in one of these when I kept finding patterns giving ounces or grams of yarn but no yardage. It is especially good for figuring out if I have enough left over yarn to make another project.

Exhibit B
Same stitch pattern with Socks that Rock. I am a STR virgin no longer! Thanks Gina for the amazing yarn. (Here I will shamelessly stop for a minute to plug Gina's wonderful Podcast...go listen! She also has some amazing designs for sale on her blog in the sidebar.) I can see why everyone loves STR now that I've worked with. Unfortunately, this is going back in the stash. I had surmised that the dark brown would dominate, however, it is serving more as a background color for the brights. It will have to wait for the right person or project. (I'll try to be patient!)
And lastly, a sad goodbye. I adore this yarn. I love the stitch pattern. I don't love the shape. Good yarn should not be wasted. So...I'm giving up on triangular shawls. They never seem to be shallow enough that they are the proper width and NOT down to my knees! When I get up the gumption I'm going to modify this pattern AC-31. Off to create Ramen and give my ball winder a workout!


FaeryCrafty said...

That is a cool stitch pattern. Nothing wrong with using sock yarn for something other than socks. There is a baby pattern book and all the patterns are knit with sock yarn.

yarnophiliac said...

I can't believe you have to rip out all that work! I hear ya about the triangle shawls, tho. And even if they are a decent legth, they are just a big arrow pointing to your butt! Someting I don't need anything to do.

Gina House said...

Oooh, sorry that the STR color didn't work for you! The swatch looks cool! I LOVE the Blue Hawaii yarn and I can't wait to do something with mine...probably a shawl! Ripping back all that work? Should you call Donna? LOL!

pigbook1 said...

An invitation because I love your blog and I would love to learn more about you:

Write yourself a manifesto. Make it specific (knitting or parenting or music) or general (like mine) So that I can read it.

NH Knitting Mama said...

I love that STR yarn... very rich colors!

Good to talk to you tonight! We'll have to figure out the plan for Yarn Harlot, I think we're going to go.

Sonya said...

That sock yarn must have wanted to be a scarf, and it is a beautiful one at that.