Saturday, March 03, 2007

Catching Up

She's baaaaack! Talk about frustrating when first Blogger then my internet connection were uncooperative so that I had to wait until today to post an entry. However, persistence pays off!

Does anyone have an opinion on ribbon vs. button closure for baby sweaters. Seems to me buttons would be easier, but I don't have a lot of experience in this area! LOL

So, as promised here are pictures (click for larger view) of the baby sweaters created over vacation. I LOVE this pattern. It was my first garment and I know I will make a ton more of these (as needed). The construction is such that the body is all one piece then the sleeves are crocheted from the opening down to the cuff. No sewing pieces together. Gotta love that! The yarn is Bernat Baby Softee Sparkle and I used a Susan Bates Size H hook. BTW the hat is the one recommended with the pattern.

And the second sweater pieces are worked but need to be sewn together. I'm saving this one for next week's knitting group as I am not sure I'm doing the mattress stitch correctly! This one has a destination: the new son of our school nurse! The hat is in process... This was not a difficult pattern, but I'm not sure I like the method of working the sleeve at the same time as the body pieces. I'll probably try it again with some bulkier yarn and see how it goes.

This project using Cherry Tree Hill silk is still in the "maybe I'll give up on it" category. I really need opinions. I just don't think the fillet crochet pattern shows up well enough. Thoughts?

Lastly, here is the hat I made at knitting group last Wednesday. It comes from this book and was really quick and easy. I truly love making hats. They are quick, will always fit someone so are low stress, and seem to come in an endless variety!

Well, that's it on the crochet front. Up next...I have finally dived into the avocado yarn my sister gifted me from the Salvation Army last summer. The first "granny" square is almost complete. Pics soon.


Gina House said...

OMGoodness! Look at all your adorable FOs!!!! You crochet queen, you!

It was so nice to have you back at group on Wed!

And thank you for the supportive and sweet comment you left me : )

NH Knitting Mama said...

YAY! You're back!

Good to see you on Wednesday and to be able to chat in person! Thanks again SO MUCH for bringing the yarn back for me. I've been working on the finish work so pics are pending soon.

I love your FO's!

yarnophiliac said...

I love the first baby sweater! very sweet. And I think the Filet crochet is coming out nicely. Lovely yarn. I WAS very nice to have you back at knitting -- we really missed you!

Unknown said...

love those sweaters! all your projects are great!

Lapdog Creations said...

Gorgeous sweaters! Welcome back!

Jackie said...

Gorgeous work. They're all really beautiful.

We missed you at "knitting" group. I'm glad you're back.

Buttons would be easier, especially when dressing a wiggly baby. I do think that ribbons are cute too though.

Lora said...

My vote is Buttons... Ribbons and Babies mixed together just sounds scarey to me.. :)
Beautiful FO's though! YOU GO GIRL!