Saturday, February 10, 2007

Bits and Pieces

Despite lack of blogging lately, I have not been idle. In fact I have managed to exceed my self imposed WIP maximum of four projects. See?

From top left going clockwise is:

-My first project crocheted with hand spun. A hat for me. Too boring. Soon to be a happy memory and replaced with a more interesting pattern now that I know there is enough yarn for it!

- Baby blanket number two. It looks finished doesn't it? Well, there are about a million ends to be worked in on the back. Avoidance? Who me? I'll get to it soon. Promise!

- Airplane project #1 worked in the oh so amazing Cherry Tree Hill fingering weight silk! I have been coveting this yarn since the first time I saw it. Thank goodness for the LYS and their Superbowl Sale. Got it for 35% off! This is my second foray into fillet crochet and will be a stole/table runner. Weird combination, I know, but the yarn is so pretty I cannot hide it away!

- Yes, that is a rooster. It represents the dish towel toppers I promised a girl at work I'd make for her. Sigh. She's a good friend or this project would be toast about now...

-Baby blanket number three (and the first fillet crochet project) is thirteen rows from completion. Yippee! Can you make out the teddy bear in the middle of the block?

- And last but not least the never ending alpaca shawl. I have determined that I have two more skeins of the yarn and may just keep going until it is all used up. Is there any such thing as a shawl that is too big?

Of course, I also have another problem. You see I'm planning on making this and this and this hoodie (scroll down - not the best picture but you'll get the idea). Once I entertained the idea of trying a baby sweater to get my feet wet with garment making, it got a little out of control! One of the baby sweaters will be airplane project #2. I want to make the white one but really should make the other one as I have a baby in mind for it! Well, off to frog the hat and finish the bearghan. (Yes, I intend to avoid weaving in for a bit longer...)

Happy Stitching!


Amanda1 said...

Hi, Gigi!

I like your blog! Saw your message on my blog, and yes - I will be at knitting on Wednesday night. Are you going?

When are you leaving for Key West? You're visiting your Mom, right?


a friend to knit with said...

Wow....your work is beautiful....i have no idea how to crochet?!...thanks SO much for the yarmulke advise!!! I'll be back!!!

YogaGardenGirl said...

Oh, what wonderful things! I especially like your hat and the teddy bear blanket! So cute!!!!